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Water Quality (major basin scale)


Government of Alberta Water Quality Data (ESRD)


Lake Water Quality Data (searchable) (ESRD)


Water Quality Conditions and Long-Term Trends in Alberta Lakes (GOA, 2011) (pdf)


The State of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed Report (NSWA)


Source Water Protection Plan (EPCOR)


North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance water quality objectives (NSWA)


Pilot Water Quality Objectives and Allowable Contaminant Loads for the North Sasktchewan River (GOA)


Listing of pilot variables of concern (VoCs) and water quality objecitves (WQOs) for development of maximum allowable loads: industrial Hearltand NSR (Appendix A)


Investigations of Trends in Select Water Quality Variables at Long-term Monitoring Sites on the North Saskatchwan River (GOA, 2012)


Alberta River Water Quality Index(ESRD) (includes indices for bacteria, pesticides, nutrietns and metals)


Alberta Surface Water Quality Index, April 1996 - March 2013 (ESRD)


Aquifer Vulnerabilty Index for the Agricultural Area of Alberta (ESRD)


North Saskatchewan River Water Quality Edmonton Sustainability Papers May 2012 (EPCOR, Steph Neufeld)


Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model of the North Saskatchewan River (NSWA, 2009)



Water Quality (sub-regional scale)


Edmonton Watershed Contaminant Reduction Index (City of Edmonton)


City of Edmonton Total Loadings Plan (City of Edmonton, 2009)


Synthesis of Recent Knowledge of Water Quality, Sediment Quality and non-Fish Biota in the North Saskatchewan River  (AECOM and Anderson for ESRD,2011) (focus on Industrial Heartland-Capital Region reach)


City of Edmonton The Way We Green Discussion Papers


Lac St. Cyr Water Quality: an Exercise in Eutrophication Modeling (NSWA)


Lac St. Cyr Water Quality Assessment (NSWA)


Mayatan Lake State of the Watershed Report (NSWA)


Sturgeon River Stat of the Watershed Report (City of St. Alberta)


Pigeon Lake State of the Watershed Report (Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd.)


Water Quality Management in Lac Ste. Anne adn Lake Isle:  A Diagnostic Study (Government of Alberta, 1999)


Wabamun Lake State of the Watershed 2013 (Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd. and Wabamun Watershed Management Council)



Water Quantity


Preliminary Steps for the Assessment of Intream Flow Needs in the North Saskatchewan River Basin (NSWA)


Canadian Wetland Inventory Progress (Map) (Ducks Unlimited)


Edmonton-Calgary Corridor Groundewater Atlas (GOA 2011)


North Saskatchewan River Basin Overview of Groundwater Conditions, Issues and Challenges (NSWA, 2009))


Current and Future Water Use in the North Saskatchewan River Basin (NSWA)


Hydrological Assessment of Pigeon Lake - Hydrogeology, Water Quality, and Water Balance (Worley Parsons)




See also the state of the basin reports above.


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