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Emissions into the air impact the heath and quality of life and contribute to a variety of environmental and ecoligical concerns.  Monitoring of air quality is done at several scales.  Ambient air quality is often measured through Airshed groups set up for this purpose, where as individual approval holders will often have site specific monitoring in place.


Managing air quality, like water, can be difficult due to the cumulative nature of impacts from point source and non-point source emissions into the atmosphere.  Air quality will also vary depending on climatic conditions. 


Regional air quality 


Alberta Capital Airshed Monitoring Map


Capital Airshed Technical Reports


Fort Air Partnership Live Air Quality Data


Fort Air Partnership Reports (Technical/Exceedance)


Parkland Airshed Management Zone (Data)

Parkland Airshed Management Zone (Reports)


West Central Airshed Society Map/Data


West Central Airshed Society Reports


Capital Region Air Quality Management Framework


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